Thomas "Toneshaper" Nilsen         
Banger processThomas Nilsen has been a professional luthier since 1995, but his interests and abilities go well beyond that. He grew up in a home where his father was a professional musician and a drag race mechanic. Fortunately Thomas picked up on both skills and spent vast times of his adolescence playing guitar and tinkering with electronics.Handmade in the woods of Norway

In 1992 he accidentally met Seth Lover, and even with all the people present Thomas managed to pick his brain on how he made the legendary P.A.F pick-ups. Seth's last words to Thomas were: "Keep it to yourself and play with it for a while". For a moment there he felt like he was chosen to pass the torch.

With this knowledge Thomas dived into all the old books he could find on the subject, and started his quest to create pickups with the magic tone, dynamics and transparency of yesteryears. The Eureka-moment wasn't until early 2009. Thomas had made some prototypes which had more tone and dynamics than in any of the old ones he had used as yardstick.

Thomas then contacted guitartech-extraordinaire Elwood Francis and asked if he would be kind enough to test some pickups handmade in the woods of Norway. Who could be a better judge on Cream T Pickups than the man who has had copious encounters with Billy Gibbons' famed Pearly Gates?

The verdict was good. The Little Ol' Band From Texas ordered three sets to check out, and the result was a big thumbs up!

Further liaisions have been made and they all have one thing in common: After testing the pu's, independent of genre and tastes, everybody sports one big shit-eating grin and someone even sheds a tear or two.

The stuff that makes the magic is Thomas interpretations of Seth Lovers secret words from '92, use of unique wire and hand-wound to a specific pattern. He also came up with a special blend of wax that keeps the pu's as responsive and tone-true as if unwaxed.

Cream T Pickups is still a one-man operation, and Thomas is busy expanding the range which now include different humbuckers, p-90's and single coils and J and P bass pickups.

Thomas likes his meat red, his beer cold and his tone pure.