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If you haven't noticed it yet check out the current edition of the Guitarist magazine. It's a special edition on the A to Z of pickups, and Cream T Pickups is featured. There's also another article all about. Cream T Custom NoC Tele pickups. Many thanks to Jamie at Guitarist magazine for including Cream T Pickups.


Gibson Custom Billy F Gibbons Goldtop £4,099

Here's something rather special. Keen-eyed readers will recognise this guitar as one of a limited run of 300 billy gibbons les paulmodified Les Paul Goldtops made to ZZ Top guitarist Billy F Gibbons' personal specification.
Unusually, there's no pickup selector – meaning the bridge/ neck pickup balance must be dialled in using the volume controls alone, while a single, master tone control governs both pickups. It's also very lightweight
for a Les Paul, thanks to extensive chambering of the single-piece mahogany body.
This particular guitar differs in one important detail from the other goldtops in the run – the striking, chrome-finish humbuckers. Wound by Thomas Nilsen of Cream T Pickups, these Tele-inspired units were originally designed for Keith Richards.
After a 20-year search for a set of pickups that combined the sweet voice of a Telecaster's neck pickup with the tonal girth of a PAF, Keef approached Thomas, who made a prototype 'bucker that had barely been wound before Stones tech Pierre de Beauport took it away to be fitted to Keith's 'Gloria' Tele. Keef knew about Cream T's work on Billy's innovative 'Banger' billy & dustypickup, and so jokingly suggested a matching name for the new design: the 'Mash' humbucker.
Billy then returned the favour by equipping this Les Paul, his personal instrument, with a gleaming set of Mashers. As for the sounds, think vintage PAF with a touch of funky hollowness and brightness borrowed from a Tele neck pickup.
There are only three sets of these hybrid pups in existence, although Cream T intends to put them into production soon.
Deep-pocketed readers can console themselves with the 'stock' Billy F Gibbons Goldtop, fitted with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbuckers, at £4,099 for the V.O.S. model, or £6,599 for the aged version.
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Photography by Neil Godwin


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